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3x Coventry Dieheads regrinding stands, 1 1/4", 1"...

This item was sold in one of our on-line Auctions / Sales.  We may have similar items available in our forthcoming Auctions, or if you have equipment to sell please contact us for free valuations, advice etc - Tel: 01778 590111 / Email: or please get in touch with us via our contact page

3x Coventry Dieheads regrinding stands, 1 1/4", 1"...


3x Coventry Dieheads regrinding stands, 1 1/4", 1", 3/4" etc - Located at: PP Saleroom, Aunby, Lincolnshire

Auction - February Collective Sale

Over 500 lots including:
CNC / Machine Tools / Woodworking
Emco VMC100 CNC drill / mill machine, EmcoTronic TM02 control, 10 tool turret, 420x125mm table (1995)
Pollard Corona radial arm drill, 36" arm, 36x20" RF table, 293-2240rpm
Asquith ODI 4'6" radial arm drill, 31-830rpm, 42x33" box table
Raybrook honing machine with equipment
Vulcan Engineering F1000135-25 heavy duty fettling grinder (2012)
Gryphon D/E pedestal grinder, 3000rpm
Viceroy TDS 9/D/EP double ended pedestal polisher
Senior horizontal milling machine, 640x155mm table
Boxford VM30 milling machine, 600x150mm table
Boxford AUD lathe, 41702, 100mm 3 jaw chuck, power feed, 700mm bed (1990)
Boxford CUD 41703 lathe, 100mm 3 jaw chuck, 700 bed (1980)
Intercity 1224B toolroom gap bed lathe, 12 x 24" capacity, in / mm threading, 65-1280rpm
Ward No2 Scholar capstan lathe, 7" collet chuck, 20" chuck to post
Rusch automatic horizontal bandsaw, 180mm clamp with feed conveyor
Startrite 18-5-10 vertical bandsaw, 18x18" table on wheels
Hammer vertical band saw, 400x400mm table
Wicksteed horizontal saw, 110mm vice capacity, 380mm blade
Taboni Meccanica (Funditor) Tabre 160E (100-103) insizer & marking machine with 600mm dia 'T' slotted table, 600mm linear ruler & equipment
Sameca MU2.5.6 multifeed bar feed, 2370mm long, 1200mm loading tray
Qty various small tooling inc: drills, milling, cutters, turning tools, vices, angle plates, auto lock chucks, micrometers etc
Thermwood CNC 3 axis router, single head, 8 turret (dismantled)
Multico M3 morticer, 400x210mm table. Multico K/1 morticer, 400x200mm table
Startrite T30 spindle moulder, 800x580mm table
Cassese CS88 pneumatic frame underpinner, max width 95mm, max frame size 60x60mm
Wadkin Bursgreen RMS radial arm saw, 1200mm long table, 350mm blade approx.
Startrite tilt arbor table saw, 250mm approx. blade, 152mm dia min blade size, 850x810mm table
Startrite table saw, 300mm approx. blade, 700x700mm approx. table
Wadkin DS twin blade sliding table saw, 1500x1250mm capacity
Kinzo 48P3325 table saw, 1600W, 4800rpm, 240v
JL MBS-812000 horizontal bandsaw, 22-65mpm, 178mm cutting cap (2007)
Dewalt DW621 electric router with Axminster router bench
Axminster HD16BC bench drill, 280-2300rpm, 340mm table R/F
Jet 16-32 plus electric planer, 400x500mm belt
Axminster AWHBS450N vertical bandsaw, 540x490mm table, 240v
Axminster Numatic NV750 extraction, 1000W
Axminster AWSMS102 sliding mitre saw, 250mm, 1500W, 240v
Axminster AWDS12H disc sander, 300mm dia, 750W, 240v

Sheet Metal / Pressing / Injection Moulding
Richtmaschine leveller ungerer, 1500mm bale length, 3mm material thickness, 9 straightening rolls, 18kW (1980 - refurbished 2013)
Richtmaschine ungerer, 1520mm bale length, 3mm material thickness, 9 straightening rolls
SMT hydraulic guillotine, 1/2” x 10ft capacity, blade gap adjustment, back gauge, front supports
Edwards Truebend 25/1250 press brake, 1250x2.5mm capacity with Cam Brake Ltd light guards
F J Edwards Besco - Truecut guillotine, 1850mm wide capacity
Staffa 2" hydraulic bending machine on base with formers
Edwards Truefold 600 manual folder, 1000mm
UTG 24/16 foot operated guillotine, 1000mm table
RS Components RS91195 manual folder, 620mm max table, 620x1.2mm cap
800mm manual steel rolls
Norton 4DB flypress on stand
Miller SR-150-32CY50 DC welding machine
GKN Lincoln Electric Ltd Arcmaker FCR 200 welder
AC - DC inert arc welder, 300A
Daiden type B AC arc welder, 24.5kva, 13kW
Wilkins Mitchel J30-C1-8 500ton mechanical press, 40x30” bed, 24 SPM, 8” stroke (refurbished 1993)
Gosmeta EPR/40 eccentric press, 9" throat
Boy 30T2 injection moulder, 65414hrs, Plastomatic 50 readout, 500mm dia hopper (1992)

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous

Vixen Jet Air VM36 shot blast with reclaim unit (2006)
Clarke SB30 shot blast cabinet, 100psi, twin glove, 800x500mm int dia (2015)
ABB IRB 6400 M96 6 axis robot with controller, 6.7kva (1998)
Kiekens DM-4321 dust extractor, 800x800x2400mm high
40ft wooden clad jack leg portable building
Deutz 6 cylinder, air cooled diesel engine in GPU, 150hrs, engine number BF6L913 (GPU all faults - engine running)
IHE 3170 induction heater with pre heat oven
Dalmec PRS suction lifter / manipulator, 35kg max (2000)
40ft shipping container loading system inc: 2x 19 ton spreader beams, 4x container locking eyes
WEG electric motor, 45kW @ 1745rpm (unused)
WEG electric motor, 37kW @ 1475rpm (2015) (unused)
Rotary vacuum tray forming table, 1250mm dia approx table
Muro Goodhale 760STD heavy duty paper guillotine (1990)
Qty various work tables, mobile trolleys, storage cupboards, lockers, electrical cable, spill kits, lifting chains etc
Oce TDS600 Productive wide format scanner
Oce 940 electric offline folder for large formal documents, 940mm max width
Denison tensile tester, 20kN max capacity
Various industrial vacuum cleaners
Busch mink MM 1102BV vacuum pump, 60HPA, 105 / 135m3/h (2010)
Mitsubishi model PUHZ-ZRP100YKA3 air conditioning unit (2017)
Spotnails HL-1612AW pneumatic staple gun
Omer pneumatic stapler 32, 18-22mm with copper staples (2004)
Norbar ET-72-1000-10 Evotorque electronic torque tool, 1000Nm max torque, 110v, (2017) (unused)
NILFISK GS82 GST industrial vacuum, 1400W
Xenetech XOT 9X12 rotary engraving system, 9x12" table size
Rexel 250 paper shredder
Rexel 1350 paper shredder
Qty various size flight cases (unused)
Various pipe fittings inc Swagelok, Hoke, Parker, etc

Ambulance / Medical
Over 200 lots of medical equipment inc:

Renault Master LM35dci 120 ambulance with fully working emergency lights, sirens & reversing camera, 09 Reg with contents inc: Ferno compact evac / carry chair / Pegasus ambulance first aid stretcher, wheel chair, LSU suction bracket, Medtronic physio-control DC power adapter life pack NiCad 2.4AH compatible with mounting bracket, Bruns Eurorampe access ramp, various first aid / burns kits, splints, collars etc

Mercedes Sprinter 361cdi (MWB), 2.7 litre, 154bhp ambulance with fully working emergency lights & sirens, 56 Reg with contents inc: Ferno evac / carry chair / ambulance first aid stretcher / plastic scoop stretcher, Portaramp 2.5m easy access ramp, intubation / resus kits, traction / box splints etc (side door locking mechanism fault)

Qty Merlin Medical, etc adult blood pressure cuffs

Pneu Pac model 2-R ventilator / resuscitator for adult / child over 20kg

6x Braun Thermoscan insonder infrared thermometers with Qty lens filters

ADC System 5 Multicuff BP system & similar blood pressure cuff set

Simulaids heart rate rhythm simulator

Qty various medical instruments inc: piccolight, gauges, life hammers etc

Qty intervene infant & various adult blood pressure cuffs

4x blood pressure cuffs in storage bags

Qty oxygen flow meters, box splints in plastic tub, finger pulse oximeters, forceps etc.

Qty patient handling straps in plastic tub. 20 approx Timesco etc stethoscopes

4x various size Sam pelvic sling II. 3x surgical instruments sets

Erka blood pressure cuff with wall mounted gauge, laryngnascopes

Qty blood glucose monitors inc: Bayer monitors, Unistik 3 comfort, 28g, 1.8mm, lancets

3x calibrated V-Lok blood pressure cuffs

Propulse ear syringe with Qty single use heads

Medi 9 Fogger hand held room sanitiser system with 2ltr of liquid approx

40m approx 43x 20" blue couch rolls. Omron M2 basic digital blood pressure cuff

6x Ferno plastic spine / back board. Ferno metal scoop stretcher

BAK-PAK Ultra plastic spine / back board. 2x Ferno plastic scoop stretcher

Digital combination safe, 450x400x300mm approx

Complete Entonox giving set in barrel bag (Schrader connector)

Pneu Pac model 2-R ventilator / resuscitator for adult / child over 20kg in storage bag

Qty various size storage crates / boxes etc

2x Roc 1800x1000mm office desk with wooden upholstered chairs

Qty various ambulance hard hats etc

Qty various equipment inc: sharps boxes, body fluid disposal kits, bed sheets etc

3x Boscarol BSU150 suction unit. 3x LSU suction bracket

Sky Tronic DC to AC power inverter

Qty Yankauer suckers, suction pots / tubes, flexible suckers, disposable liners etc

Laerdal premier suction unit

Qty peak flow meters & disposable tubes, 2x patient transfer turntables etc

Qty various empty medical / first aid bags

3x Airflo MK2 compressor with Mangar ELK emergency lifting cushion

ADI Medical, Reliance etc post mortem body bags

Qty universal disinfectant wipes, first aid / burns kits, burn shields, foam cleanser, 60ml gallipots, medi bowls / pans etc

Qty flexible Yankauer nasopharyngeal airways, mully suct catheter / funnel, guedel airways etc

Qty suture kits, disposable masks. 2x Kendrick extraction device in storage bag

Hare compact traction splint in storage bag

Sager emergency traction splints / Prometheus traction splint in storage bags

Parabag / Stat Packs response bag

Qty Caretex 875ml male urinal pots, 2lt maxi slipper pan liners

Banana prime seated transfer board, 200kg max capacity

Curved patient transfer board. 2x Banana Q2 seated transfer board, 285kg max capacity

Ambu airway training intubation head. Waismed Ltd adult intraosseous demo leg

Qty various extrication collars in storage bag

Resuscitation bag with bag valve mask

Full size training manikin with 2x airway heads, I.V arm & defib pad attachment ports, new born baby manikin

Qty various medical supplies inc: sample pots, gauze swabs, bandages, I.V dressings, pads, solution

administration sets, saline wipes, adult / paediatric nebulisers, paediatric non rebreathing mask / tube, Entonox filters, adult nasal, Cannulas, dressing pads, I.V cannulas, supraglottic airway, resuscitators, solution admin sets, endotracheal tubes etc

Intubation kit in storage bag. 2x Stat Pack response bag

GBUK healthcare folding patslide

Radio system inc: 3x Cape Universal six-way rapid chargers, 6x ICOM BC-144 desktop chargers, 16x ICOM

hand sets, spare batteries, hands free ear pieces

Qty radio equipment inc: Binatone / Kenwood radios, Motorola batteries, Radio Shack Pro-79 weather alert etc

Qty various defib finger pulse monitors, shock monitoring cables / electrodes in 3 boxes (2018)

2x LSU high flow, high vacuum suction unit

2x Medtronic Lifepak 12 mounting brackets

6x ICOM IC-F110 VHF radio transceiver (1x boxed & unused)

5x Tait T2000 II Radio transceivers

Qty various adult / child / infant zoll connector defib pads (mostly 2015 use by date)

6x various physio-control quik-combo connector defib pads, 4x adult / child over 20kg (9/19), 2x adult / child over 10kg (2/19)

3x Laerdal baby Anne CPR manikin, Laerdal little junior CPR manikin.

6x Medtronic Lifepak 12 AED with battery

Laerdal Heartstart 911 AED with 3x batteries

2x Bruker Fred AED's with battery each

4x MRL AED's (1x cracked screen) with 6x batteries

Demeca observer 9 monitor. Laerdal quick reporter

3x Medtronic physio-control DC power adapter, Lifepak NiCad 2.4AH compatible with mounting bracket / in car power lead

Medtronic physio-control battery support system 2 charger

Physio-control Lifepak 5 charger with mains & in car charging leads

AD highpak charger compatible with AD highpak-12 lithium technology / Lifepak-12, mounting bracket, mains lead

Tandy Corp Realistic Pro-2009 digital channel / frequency read out unit with various aerials / leads etc

6x Motorola Handiepro hand sets, 5x hands free units, 7x desktop chargers, 4x protective cases, 7 approx spare batteries in hard case

Zoll AEDPro defibrillator with 2x Zoll surepower battery packs, charger (only one port working), Stat-Padz II adult electrodes / monitoring electrodes (4/19)

Cabins R US portable cabin, 36ftx10ft approx, cable via RCD consumer unit to lights / heaters / sockets / hot water hand wash / boiler, kitchen work top with stainless steel sink & cupboard

Qty burn / defib / rescue / response bags

2x Stat pack response bags

3x Ferno etc foldable wheelchairs, 115kg max capacity (spares)

2x Ferno ambulance first aid stretchers

Portable / foldable medical room couch with face hole

Medical first aid couch

Nomeq electronic adjustable medical room couch

2x Ferno Pegasus ambulance first aid stretcher

2 bags of medical sheets / blankets etc

3B Scientific GmbH life-size skeleton

Qty wound make up equipment in storage box

4ft trailer lighting board

3x MDI immobile-vac vacuum mattress set

Mangar Airflo plus compressor with fasplint small & large air splints in storage bag

Hartwell medical small & medium Evac-U-Splint, 2x Ferno AS 100 splints with 2x manual hand pumps

3x Ferno Compact 1 evacuation / carry chair